About us

Traffic safety Bätz GmbH is a company which found its origin in 2006 as a sole proprietorship Jürgen Bätz. As a one-man company, the then focus ranged "maintenance and inspection tours" after MVAS 99. Due to this "MVAS 99 approval" is eg permission to be allowed to construction sites on motorways checks and maintains. From 2011, a further business was set up and constantly expanding - the wholesale and retail trade. In 2015, we completed the field of maintenance and inspection driving because we took the duties of wholesale fully complete. As a retailer and wholesaler, please contact us products which we had used in our work within the framework of inspection trips even daily. Therefore you can profit from our years of professional knowledge, which we have, and even appropriated by the constant use of the products. Our previous two online shops www.warnleuchte.net and www.verkehrssicherungen.com were combined with this new platform. Since early 2015 you will find the majority of our products are also in unserern Specialists, in which you can examine and test the products through their paces.

Our range includes warning lights, which widerrum subdivided into flashing lights, warning light bars, LED front flashers, construction lights, LED warning lights flash, hand lamps and traffic management systems. The field of vehicle lighting has in our assortment his place. The vehicle lighting among members in HELLA Fahrzeugbleuchtung, car warning marking tape, Spotlight and LED vehicle lighting. The range of sealing technology is one of our farther categories which divided into Absperrschranken, beacons, Folding Beacons, Safety Base, traffic cones, reflective cones, folding signs, warning triangles and steerers. Furthermore, we also provide products from the areas of the construction site needs and traffic engineering. Here you will also find construction site lights, Folding Beacons, beacons, Safety Base, folding signs, warning triangles, steerers traffic signs, hinged plates, sills, curbs, warning thresholds, cable bridges, tubular bridges, speed bumps, speed scoreboards and the BGI 800th

Of course, we carry as a wholesaler & retailer also all accessories for all our products. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. We always try to make a great individulle solution which is suitable for you to generate. For this purpose are available Monday - Saturday our specialist advisers. You too can benefit from our expertise.

Here you will find again an overview of our product portfolio:

Warning lights: LED strobe lights, flash beacons, rotating mirror beacons, LED industrial lights, Xenon Industrial lights, marine lights, Navigantionsleuchten, LED light warning beams, xenon light warning beams, rotating mirror light warning beams, LED front flashers, construction lights, strobe lights, Leitkegelblitzstableuchten, Vorwarnstrahler, Wide warning lamps, LED flashing warning lights, LED Emergency road lights, LED hand lamps, Halogen Hand Lamps, implementing lighting systems, traffic lights, running light systems, lightning beams, flashing arrows, Lighting System Light Ball

Automotive Lighting: Hella car lights, beacons, interior lights, marker lights, clearance lights, taillights, reversing lamps, reflectors, marker lights, warning marking tape according to DIN 30710, LED Worklight, Xenon Worklight, Halogen Worklight, LED car lights, LED indicators, LED reversing light, LED brake lights, LED taillights, LED combination lamps, LED indicator lights, LED rear fog lamps, LED daytime running lights, LED marker lights, LED clearance lights

Absperrtechnik / site supplies: Barriers, guardrails, manhole fences, barriers, gates barriers, rotational barriers, posts, Leibaken, Folding Beacons, Safety Base, traffic cones, reflective cones, Faltsiganle, warning triangles, warning pyramids, steerers, round tubes, traffic signs, folding signs

Traffic engineering: sills, Leitbord, warning thresholds, cable bridges, tubular bridges, bumps, slowing thresholds, speed scoreboards, BGI 800